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Our range of panel mountings, fixings and accessories includes screw sets, adhesives and edging strips for plastic sheet in a number of applications.

Whether you are mounting a poster in a custom sized acrylic frame, or joining together sheets of PVC for use as hygienic wall cladding, we have everything you need to get the job done. All of our products are specifically designed for use with plastic sheeting and many of our fixings are reusable.

We also stock Xerapol scratch remover, a lightly abrasive paste which is ideal for use with acrylic and other plastics to remove surface scratches and blemishes. If the scratches are very light, all that will be needed is a soft cloth and some Xerapol to leave the plastic looking just as new. If the damage is deeper, Xerapol can be used after sanding to restore the lustre to the material.