MFC or Melamine Faced Chipboard consists of a high-density chipboard core sandwiched between two resilient melamine sheets.  A material widely used to make items of furniture such as wardrobes, desks, kitchen cabinets and bookshelves, MFC is a strong, durable and cost-effective solution for those looking to build an impressive piece of furniture on a budget.

Melamine faced chipboard's are available in a whole range of different colours and finishes, and so many interior designers choose this material when building modern kitchen cabinets.  If you would like to have a go at building your own cabinets, simply take the necessary measurements and order your MFC boards cut to size by the professionals. Cut using the latest machinery, your boards will arrive in perfect condition, and the exposed edges can be sealed with PVC banding to give a smooth and professional appearance.

With a great selection of wood finishes such as Maple and Rosewood to choose from, in addition to coloured boards and Metallic effect boards, it is easy to find the perfect melamine faced chipboard to complement your design, and if you order it cut to size installation is a whole lot faster.

At this time a year many of us prefer to stay indoors and tackle our DIY jobs, so why not go one step further and build an entire kitchen – with cut to size MFC it’s simple!