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Make Stunning Exhibition Display Stands With Foamex PVC
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Make Stunning Exhibition Display Stands With Foamex PVC

Posted on Friday 22nd of August 2014

Back in May we were sent some images from some of our customers who used our cut to size acrylic sheeting to create displays for upcoming exhibitions. We understand better than anyone the versatility of acrylic, but even we were astonished by how well suited it seemed to be; and inspired us to write all about why acrylic is perfect for exhibition display boards. Now it seems that acrylic is not the only contender for the number one spot when it comes to the fabrication of exhibition display...Read More

Acrylic & Perspex Mountings, Fixings and Accessories
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Acrylic & Perspex Mountings, Fixings and Accessories

Posted on Wednesday 18th of January 2012

Once you have ordered your acrylic, Perspex, Dibond or Foamex materials, you are going to need a great selection of panel mounting, fixings and accessories to install it into place. While there are many DIY and Home Improvement stores where you can purchase these items, getting the right materials for the job can be a time consuming process and one that many professionals could do without. We have therefore updated our collection to include a fantastic selection of decorative screw sets,...Read More

Properties of Foamex Foam PVC Board
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Properties of Foamex Foam PVC Board

Posted on Saturday 17th of December 2011

At this time of year Foamex Boards are in demand as businesses attend Christmas Markets and need high quality advertising boards that they can move from one location to another. Strong, durable and lightweight, Foamex boards are suitable for a whole range of visual displays and presentations, and as they print exceptionally well, many companies choose this diverse material over any other. If you have never worked with Foamex before, allow us to share some of the unique properties found...Read More

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Build your Christmas display with Foamex Board

Posted on Saturday 15th of October 2011

We have reached that festive time of year when many stores and restaurants are pulling out their decorations, and updating their business with a Christmas theme in order to attract the millions of shoppers lining the high streets.

While the festive period seems to start earlier each year, it is an important time for businesses across the country, so to keep up with the competition out there; your Christmas decorations really need...Read More

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Ten facts about Foamex

Posted on Monday 18th of July 2011

Foamex sheeting is widely used for a variety of signage and creative projects.  For those new to this versatile material, we share some of our Foamex knowledge with you: Foamex is a brand name, for expanded vinyl material. Foamex sheeting is made when PVC foam is compressed to create a strong board. Rigid and hardwearing, Foamex sheeting is extremely lightweight so it is ideal for display purposes. Foamex is 100% weatherproof, and is unaffected by changes in temperature so...Read More

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Thermoforming Foamex

Posted on Tuesday 12th of July 2011

Thermoforming is a plastic manufacturing process, where plastic materials are heated to a pliable temperature and formed into usable objects with a mould. Vacuum, air pressure and mechanical forming devices are used during this process, to assist the softened plastic reform into the new shape of the mould. Thermoforming is achieved at a variety of different temperatures, but perhaps the most beneficial temperature of thermoforming Foamex is approximately 140 degrees.  At this...Read More