Unless you have used it in the past, you might not know what Foamex is, but you have probably seen it thousands of times as you go about your daily life.
Foamex is a Polymer; a foam plastic that once compressed, it becomes a rigid, hard wearing PVC foam board. Extremely strong and durable, Foamex PVC board is lightweight and 100% weatherproof.

It is a material that can be easily cut to any shape or size using a jigsaw, and one of its most beneficial properties is that can be printed on.  High intensity graphics can be achieved on Foamex, making it the material of choice for signage, digital photo printing and creative projects.

As Foamex is easy to mount it is used for a variety temporary of banners, signs and outdoor sale displays as well as more permanent indoor exhibitions.

You can digitally print your favourite photographs onto Foamex board, creating a stunning picture to hang in your home or workplace.

Furthermore, Foamex is an ecologically friendly material; it can be recycled after use so you can do your bit towards saving the planet.

Post By Marc