Acrylic Sheeting – make it Frosted!

Whether remodelling or updating your bathroom, home or office, you should consider frosted acrylic for all your glazing needs.

Also known as Perspex or Plexiglas, acrylic sheeting is now widely used for all indoor glazing applications due to its lightweight properties and impact resistant qualities.

Acrylic sheet takes on a “frosted” look when both sides of the sheet carry a matt surface; the effect is similar to that of sandblasted glass, so it is perfect for use in glazing installations where privacy is required.

Ideal for shower screens, bathroom windows and office partitions, frosted glass allows a certain amount of privacy without restricting the amount of light in a room, and as it is almost shatterproof, it can be used safely in any of these locations.

Many modern buildings now feature frosted acrylic balconies; in place of more traditional metal or wooden screens, frosted acrylic adds a modern touch to the design and lets the light shine through.

Adding one of these delightful partitions is great way to update your garden or home instantly.

Sign makers also use frosted acrylic to create stunning advertising displays, and as it is completely weatherproof, it may be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

A great versatile material, frosted acrylic sheeting is perfect for your next job.

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