Rebecca Clark

Laser Cutting In To Acrylic Perspex

Laser cutting in to a variety of materials is becoming increasingly popular, most often used within industrial manufacturing companies the laser cutter is starting to make its way over to small design businesses, artists and schools as well as being a sought

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Winter Preparation: Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels

If you have a greenhouse, or are thinking about getting one, it is safe to assume that you are more than just a dabbler when it comes to cultivating your own plants or vegetables. Sadly the British climate is not always ideal when it comes growing all-year

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Backlighting With Frosted Acrylic Panels

At Cut Plastic Sheeting we are fortunate in that a lot of our customers tell us, or sometimes brag, about the projects that they have been able to carry out and complete using our materials. Needless to say, we love all of our material, and therefore all of

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How To Glue Polycarbonate

Despite being almost 30 times more sturdy than glass and extremely resilient to damage, you cannot simply adhere two pieces of Polycarbonate together using regular solvents, as this will cause the material to craze. Crazing occurs when the bonds that hold

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How To Install Acrylic Sheets: The Installation Process

Continuing on from our previous article 'Preparing for installation' we shall now be detailing to you the best method of installing acrylic sheets onto a substrate surface. To quickly recap, ensure that both your acrylic and substrate are properly readied,

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