Using Plastic Sheeting to Create Signage

Signage is something that we usually take for granted. If we are looking for a building, a street or the location of something in a store, there is nearly always a sign to point us in the right direction. However, signage can be expensive to produce and can eat heavily into the budget of a […]

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High Gloss Acrylic For Kitchen Splashbacks

High Gloss Acrylic is a great glass alternative for kitchen splash backs. High Gloss Acrylic Sheet provides you with a luxury, high quality finish. It is designed by having a layer of vibrant colour permanently printed on to one side of the crystal clear acrylic. This results in a brilliantly reflective and high gloss finish […]

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Our Top 5 Bathroom Cladding Ideas

Stylish. Classy. Colourful. Just three of the words that can be used to describe modern bathroom wall cladding. Most commonly made out of PVC, it adds a long-lasting and glossy finish to any room and is especially suited to the unique conditions found in the average bathroom. Becoming an increasingly common form of decorating, UPVC […]

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Decorative Coloured Acrylic For Interiors

  Who would have thought that a simple material like coloured acrylic sheets would have such a huge impact on interior designers and architects? A high gloss and decorative material, coloured acrylic sheets can give the appearance of coloured glass, but as they are lightweight, durable and impact resistant, modern architects have less installation restrictions […]

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