Winter Preparation: Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels

If you have a greenhouse, or are thinking about getting one, it is safe to assume that you are more than just a dabbler when it comes to cultivating your own plants or vegetables. Sadly the British climate is not always ideal when it comes growing all-year round, which is why having a quality greenhouse […]

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How To Glue Polycarbonate

Despite being almost 30 times more sturdy than glass and extremely resilient to damage, you cannot simply adhere two pieces of Polycarbonate together using regular solvents, as this will cause the material to craze. Crazing occurs when the bonds that hold the material together at a microscopic level are damaged or broken, causing the material […]

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Acrylic Vs. Polycarbonate

Often seen as direct competitors, acrylic and polycarbonate do have a lot in common at face value and do occasionally bump into each other whilst performing the same tasks. But how can you pick between the two when at a glance you may not be able to differentiate between the two?  The answer is straight […]

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Installing Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels

Now the warmer weather has finally arrived here in the UK, plenty of people are getting back out into the garden and tidying things up in preparation for the summer. If you’ve been a little late in getting out and tidying up after the cold and wet winter, it’s not too late to transform your […]

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Polycarbonate vs. PETG

Our most popular products are often our cut to size clear plastic sheets, so today I thought I’d blog about our two high performance clear plastics and their unique advantages in certain applications. Both of these materials are championed for their toughness and great optical clarity. These key features make them ideal replacements for standard […]

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