Clear Acrylic Sheet – A Shelving Solution

If you are thinking about putting up a few shelves but are not sure what material to use, why not consider clear acrylic sheet for the job.

A great, lightweight material, it blends in perfectly with any type of décor and gives you a clear view of the items displayed on the shelf, from all angles.

Ideal for shop decoration, clear acrylic sheet can be used to make a variety of different shelving displays, and as a cost effective material, you get a lot more for your money than you would with glass or wooden alternatives.

Clear acrylic sheets can be cut to meet your exact shelving requirements, and as they are extremely strong and durable, they can hold a significant amount of weight.

Mounting your acrylic shelving is simple, they can be pre-drilled with holes if you wish to mount them with nails or screws, or you can choose from a variety of stylish wall mounts for a professional finish.

Clear acrylic sheet works exceptionally well with lighting, such as LED strip lights and soft glow light bulbs.  Subtly placed along your acrylic shelving, these lights can create an impressive display piece that will show your products off to perfection.

Acrylic shelving also works well in the home, with installations in the kitchen and bathroom becoming extremely popular for those looking to add a modern touch.

Clear acrylic sheeting has a high resistance to UV rays and is unaffected by sea spray, so it is also suitable for outdoor shelving applications, and for use in greenhouses.

Maintaining your clear acrylic shelves is easy, warm water with a dash of detergent and a chamois cloth will remove any surface dust and keep your shelving looking like new.

So add some acrylic shelving to your home or shop and create a lighter, brighter display.

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