Clear Perspex® Acrylic Sheet
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Optional Extras:

Polishing the edge of a sheet will remove any marks left from cutting and give a crisp, clean look. If the material is clear, then you will be able to see through to the other side.

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For drilled holes or polished edges, please see the ‘Optional Extras’ above.

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Clear Acrylic Available on Express Delivery

600 x 400

Width: 600mmHeight: 400mm
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1000 x 500

Width: 1000mmHeight: 500mm
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We have the knowledge, experience and technology to offer a bespoke design and fabrication service for plastic sheets to cater for almost any idea you can think of.

Please provide as much information on your size and design requirements and we will get back to you with a no obligation quote within 2 working days. You may also upload up to 5 files containing sketches or technical drawings to assist our designers with providing an accurate quote.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Cut outs for sockets
  • CNC laser cutting
  • Laser engraving
  • Diamond polishing
  • Digital printing
  • Drilling

Trade and volume orders

We have extensive experience working closely with a wide range of businesses to deliver excellent value. From full sheets in bulk to cut to size requirements and everything in between, our knowledgeable team will work to exceed your expectations.

Simply fill out the enquiry form below and we will provide a quote within 2 working days

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Clear Perspex® extruded acrylic is a versatile plastic sheet which is ideal for general fabrication purposes. As a cheaper alternative to cast acrylic, extruded Perspex® acrylic sheet is lightweight, impact resistant and easy to work with.

We offer clear Perspex® acrylic cut to size in a variety of thicknesses from 2mm - 15mm.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and impact resistant
  • Uniform thickness and smooth finish
  • Better impact resistance than glass
  • Strong and durable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Low moisture absorption rate
  • UV resistant - 10 year outdoor guarantee
  • Up to 92% light transmission - higher than most traditional types of glass
  • Sheet manufacturing process: Extruded 
  • Can be written on with a whiteboard marker pen
  • Suitable for laser cutting
  • Supplied with protective film on both sides

Unlike Cast Acrylic, Extruded Acrylic sheets are manufactured by extruding the resin over a production line which offers a uniform thickness and an excellent surface finish. A superb replacement for glass in a number of applications, Extruded Acrylic is as much as ten times more resistant to impact than glass and has excellent UV stability.

This makes it a popular choice of material for replacement greenhouse panels and secondary glazing, where it can offer 15-20 years of flawless service in all weathers. It performs well wherever a strong, lightweight and shatterproof material is required – particularly in environments where safety is a concern.

Clear acrylic is also known by the trade names of Perspex®, Lucite, Altuglas and Plexiglass.

    In addition to its strength, the versatility of Perspex sheet acrylic is further broadened by its light weight, resistance to chemicals and a low moisture absorption rate which makes it suitable for food contact and for use in hygienic environments.

    It is easily maintained and can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a little soap and warm water.

    The benefits of buying Perspex® cut to size:

    • Save money - Only pay for the amount of sheeting that you need
    • Accurate cutting - Our cutting equipment ensures a straight and accurate cut
    • Professional finishing - Take advantage of optional polished edges for a completely smooth and clear edge
    • Complex cutting requirements - Our state of the art CNC machines can cater for any corners, shapes and holes which would be difficult or impossible to achieve at home

    Please Note: our current machines work to a tolerance of +/- 1mm. Please enter your requirements to the nearest whole mm.


    • Shed window replacement
    • Greenhouse panel replacement
    • Secondary glazing
    • 3D printer enclosures
    • Shower and bath panels
    • Light fittings
    • Partition walls
    • Light domes
    • Surface protection
    • Framing
    • Door glazing
    • Display cases
    • Store displays
    • Wall protection
    • Advertising media
    • Skylights
    • Animal enclosures
    • Roofing
    • Opticians - Slit lamp breath shields

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    GREAT PROUCTReviewed by Km7323 on 28 May 2020



    First Class ServiceReviewed by Allan T. on 21 May 2020

    First Class service. Well packed and First Class all round. What else can I say. Buy from these people or at least ask what they sell, as I am over the moon with them.


    Excellent product speedily deliveredReviewed by Ray on 20 Apr 2019

    Top notch acrylic sheeting at a good price. Postage costs were excellent and it was delivered speedily.


    Great productReviewed by David.smith593 on 16 Apr 2019

    Sheets were cut exactly to size and finished well. Packaging was first class ensuring they were not damage in transit. I had to do a small amount of trimming myself due to my own inaccuracies building the frame but it was easy to work with. Would definitely buy again.


    xxxxxxxReviewed by La.beetham on 13 Apr 2019

    Good product

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    Technical Specifications   
    Mechanical PropertiesCast Acrylic  Test Standard 
    Density ρ1.19 g/cm3ISO 1183
    Impact Strength acU (Charpy)15 KJ/m2

    ISO 179/lfu no break

    Notched Impact Strength acN (lzod)1.6 KJ/m2ISO 180/1 A
    Notched Impact Strength acN (Charpy)- KJ/m2ISO 179/1eA 

    Tensile Strength σM

    a) -40oC

    b) 23oC

    c) 70oC


    110 MPa

    72 MPa

    35 MPa

    ISO 527-2/1B/5
    Elongation at break εB4.5 %ISO 527-2 1B/5
    Nominal elongation at break εtB                                                       - %ISO 527-2/1B/50
    Flexural strength σЬB, Standard test specimen (80x10x4mm3105 MPaISO 178 (5mm/min)
    Compressive yield stress σdF103 MPaISO 604
    Max. safety stress σmax. (up to 40oC)5 ... 10 MPa -
    Modulus of elasticity Et (short-term value)3300 MPaISO 527-2/1B/1
    Min. cold bending radius330 x thickness -
    Dynamic shear modulus G at approx.  10Hz1700 MPaISO 537
    Indentation hardness H961/30175 MPa

    ISO 2039-1 120; 100

    Abrasion resistance in Taber abrader test )100 rev.; 5.4 N; CS-10F)20 ... 30 %hazeISO 9352

    Coefficient of friction µ

    a) plastic/plastic

    b) plastic/steel

    c) steel/plastic






    Poisson’s ratio µƅ (dilation steel of 5% per min; up to 2% dilation; at 23oC)

    0.37ISO 527-1
    Resistance to puck impact from thickness (Test Certificate No. from FMPA Stuttgart)12mm (46/900 550)similar to DIN 18032, part 3 
    Acoustical Properties
    Sound velocity (at room temperature)2700 ... 2800 m/s -
    Weight sounded reduction index Rw at thickness:








    Optical Properties  
    Transmittance ƬD65~92%DIN 5036, Part 3
    UV transmissionno; yes -
    Reflection loss the visible range (for each surface)4% -
    Total energy transmittance g85%DIN EN 410
    Adsorption in the visible range< 0.05% -
    Refractive index nD201.491ISO 489
    Electrical Properties  
    Volume resistivity ρD


    DIN VDE 0303, Part 3
    Surface resistivity ROA5.1013 ohmDIN VDE 0303, Part 3
    Dielectric strength Ed (1mm specimen thickness)~30 kV/mmDIN VDE 0303, Part 2

    Dielectric constant ε at 50 Hz

        at 0.1 MHz



    DIN VDE 0303, Part 4 

    Dissipation factor tan δ at 50 Hz

        at 0.1 MHz



    DIN VDE 0303, Part 4 
    Tracking, CTI-Value
    600DIN VDE 0303, Part 1
    Thermal properties  

    Coefficient of linear thermal expansion α for 0…50oC

    7 . 10-5 (0.07)

    DIN 53752-A
    Possible expansion due to heat and moisture5 mm/m -
    Thermal conductivity λ0.19 W/mKDIN 52612

    U-value, for thickness:










    DIN 4701
    Specific heat c1.47 J/gK -
    Forming temperature150...160oC -

    Max. surface temperature (IR radiator)

    180 -
    Max. permanent service temperature70 -
    Reverse forming temperature>80; >80oC -
    Ignition temperature430oCDIN 51794
    Smoke gas volumevery little

    DIN 4102

    Smoke gas toxicitynonDIN 53436
    Smoke gas corrosivenessnon -
    Fire rating classB 2, normally flammableDIN 4102
     Class 3BS 476, Part 7 + 6 
     TP(b)BS 2782, Method 508A
     M4NF P 92 501 + 92 505
    Vicat softening temperature103oCISO 306, Method B 50

    Heat deflection temperature under load (HDT)

    a) deflection 1.8 MPa

    b) deflection 0.45 MPa




    ISO 75
    Behaviour Towards Water  

    Water absorption (24hrs, 23oC) from dry state; specimen 60 x 60 x 2mm3

    38mgISO 62, Method 1
    Max. weight gain during immersion2.1%ISO 62, Method 1

    Permeability to

    water vapour






    2.3 . 10-10 g cm/cm2 h Pa

    4.5 . 10-15 g cm/cm2 h Pa

    2.0 . 10-14 g cm/cm2 h Pa

    1.1 . 10-13 g cm/cm2 h Pa

    8.3 . 10-15 g cm/cm2 h Pa

      Can you tell me if this product is suitable for replacement glass in a large picture frame?
      Hi, For picture glazing we would recommend our anti-reflective acrylic as it has UV protection and will dramatically reduce glare and reflections.
      I am about to order a sheet of clear Perspex to go over a window recess. It's internal so I'm not concerned with thermal properties but I do need it to be optically clear.
      Clear Perspex offers up to 92% of light transmission which is higher than most traditional types of glass.
      Can I collect my order locally?
      Yes, you may collect your order from our depot in Lee Mill Industrial Estate, Devon. Please select "Collect In Person" at the checkout.