Decorative Coloured Acrylic For Interiors


Image Displays Artist work by Lucy Grafham:


Who would have thought that a simple material like coloured acrylic sheets would have such a huge impact on interior designers and architects?

A high gloss and decorative material, coloured acrylic sheets can give the appearance of coloured glass, but as they are lightweight, durable and impact resistant, modern architects have less installation restrictions and fewer limitations on their design.

Coloured acrylic sheets are suited to both commercial solutions and interior design for the home, adding a splash of welcome colour to any room or building.  Commonly installed in kitchens and bathrooms as a Splash back, this diverse material provides a sleek, clean and easy to maintain surface, specifically suited to this kind of environment.


In living rooms and bedrooms, coloured acrylic sheets are perfect for covering unattractive wall surfaces, and they instantly add a modern touch to a dated room without the expense of redecorating.

Available in an assortment of different block colours, transparent colours and, pastels with both matt and gloss finishes, there is a coloured acrylic sheet to complement every project, you just need to decide which one is right for your installation or design.

Once you have decided on the colour, simply order your coloured acrylic sheets cut to size by the professionals. With standard sheets or circular sheets, diamond polishing and a variety of different thicknesses to choose from, you are able to order your coloured acrylic cut to size and ready for installation.


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