Helping To Make Businesses Covid Secure

During these difficult times of the Covid 19 pandemic, businesses have been forced to adapt to new ways of working in order to keep themselves and their customers safe. This is no easy task, with the need to change layouts, add in signage and create barriers that can effectively prevent the virus from transmitting between those who enter.

At Cut Plastic Sheeting we have been striving to do all we can to help such businesses. Although it has been tough at times, with the global supply of clear plastic materials being stretched further than it ever has before, we have continued to deliver our materials as quickly as possible to those who need it in order to reinvent their working practices.

Here are just some of the types of businesses that we have helped to become Covid Secure over the past few months.

Nail Salons

Enabling nail technicians to get back to work, our efficient free standing sneeze guards will protect both sides from airborne bacteria.


A tricky problem to solve, hairdressers are now able to separate their clients with a protective screen that has been made from our durable clear plastic.


Creating barriers around serving areas, cashier desks and even between tables, our clear plastic sheeting will keep everyone safe whilst still letting light through and keeping the social atmosphere.


Protecting both driver and fare, we have helped to supply clear plastic that will separate the front of the car from the back, leaving room for a card machine or payment window.

Pubs / Cafes

With many pubs and cafes able to reopen, they have been looking for ways to distance their customers. Our clear plastic is proving popular in creating screens at the bar and for making see through cubicles around tables, so that the atmosphere is not lost, but the spread of any bacteria is reduced.


With so many workers needing to fit into an office space, it has been necessary for businesses to create a protection barrier between desks. Clear plastic can offer separation in order to prevent the passing of bacteria, keeping the team aspect alive with being able to see each other.

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