Make Stunning Exhibition Display Stands With Foamex PVC

Back in May we were sent some images from some of our customers who used our cut to size acrylic sheeting to create displays for upcoming exhibitions. We understand better than anyone the versatility of acrylic, but even we were astonished by how well suited it seemed to be; and inspired us to write all about why acrylic is perfect for exhibition display boards.

Now it seems that acrylic is not the only contender for the number one spot when it comes to the fabrication of exhibition display stands. We have seen our Foamex boards used in a great many ways, but we have never seen it used to create something as extravagant or eye catching as this exhibition stand.

There is no reason why we ought to be so surprised, like acrylic, Foamex PVC boards are available in a wide range of colours and with both gloss and matte finishes. On top of that, Foamex is lightweight, sturdy and rigid; making it an undoubtedly strong choice when considering what materials to construct a temporary, professional-looking structure out of.

Foamex boards are created from compressed Polyvinyl Carbonate and are also known under a variety of other trade names, including Foam Board, PVC Foam and Foamalite. Renowned for its smooth, printable surface, the heavy compression that the PVC undergoes is the reason why these boards are so strong and rigid, yet also light enough to be moved around with extraordinary ease.

Even though these foam PVC boards have a long life span and are amazingly durable, there will come a time when they will need to be retired. This is why it is important to note that they are 100% recyclable and, just like acrylic, will not suffer any degradation in its properties as a result of the recycling process.

We stock a wide range of over thirteen different Foamex PVC boards on Cut Plastic Sheeting, each one available cut to size and available to order.

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