Modernise Office Space with Clear Acrylic

Whether you work from a home office or run a busy space full of employees, keeping it well organised and tidy is essential for productivity and creating a healthy working environment. Here at Cut Plastic Sheeting we have a number of products made from high strength clear acrylic sheet which are perfect for dividing and organising an office, leaving it with a bright, airy and modern aesthetic.

Our acrylic display cube kits are relatively new additions to the site, and they provide an effective solution to storage for the home, retail spaces and offices. They are flat pack shelving units comprising a number of square sheets of clear Perspex acrylic and high impact plastic connectors. Once assembled, this modular furniture serves as fantastic shelving units that can also be used to divide a space.

Because they are made from our clear extruded acrylic, our display cubes are unaffected by direct sunlight, are lightweight and completely shatterproof. This makes them perfect for working environments where the health and safety of employees is paramount, and it also means they can be taken apart, moved and reassembled as many times as you require with the greatest of ease!

If dividing an office space is of greater concern than storage, we also stock a range of bespoke acrylic office dividers. Made from clear or frosted acrylic sheeting cut to size and assembled with high strength uprights, these office dividers are a fantastic lightweight and semi-permanent way to create privacy in an office space. Each divider is two metres high, suitable for most commercial office buildings, and we recommend the dividers are installed by a professional to ensure they meet safety requirements.

For more information on our range of office dividers and acrylic modular shelving units please visit our main website. All of our products are delivered cut to size and ready to assemble or install – so simply input the dimensions you require into our site to receive a free on-screen quote for your order!

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