PLEXIGLAS®, proTerra

An innovative material leading the way, PLEXIGLAS®, proTerra

PLEXIGLAS® has been on the market for more than 85 years and is helping shape modern living. We are always looking for innovative and greener solution for our customers therefore we wanted to share with you our newest material which we will be stocking soon ‘PLEXIGLAS®, Proterra’. Not only is this material 11 times stronger than glass and 50% lighter but its green credential makes it a more sustainable product and it is 100% recyclable too. PLEXIGLAS® proTerra consists of approx. 90% reused acrylic glass For more on sustainability click on the link –

PLEXIGLAS®, is only limited by your imagination. It can be used for many different purposes. In 2020, partition walls became essential when it came to setting up Covid secure environments. Therefore, they are an inherent part of a cohesive hygiene concept. Thanks to PLEXIGLAS®, partition walls can be smoothly integrated in every space from ecommerce sites to office spaces, retail, and public spaces. Take a look at some of the interesting videos for inspiration by PLEXIGLAS® . We have also seen this material used on balconies, on large commercial projects with architects and many more. How would you use PLEXIGLAS®?

Post By Chris Rawlings

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