Nylon 6.6 Rod


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One of the most popular and commonly used engineering plastics around, Nylon 6.6 is slightly harder than Nylon 6 and marginally more easy to cut; though the difference is negligible. Available in Black or Neutral, these Nylon 6.6 rods are incredibly versatile and easy to machine, making them ideal for professional fabrications and applications or even just casual domestic DIY.

Coming in lengths of 1000mm as standard, you can choose the diameter of these Nylon 6.6 rods to best suit your requirements. Available in diameters ranging between 10mm and 50mm, these engineering plastic rods are highly resistant to wear and abrasions, as well as damage from forceful impacts, oil and chemicals; so there is no doubt that they are built to last.

Natural Nylon 6.6 rods are food-safe and can be used in kitchens and food preparations areas without any problems; but because of the substances used to give them their colour, black Nylon 6.6 rods are unsuitable for use around food and should be reserved for other applications. Having said that, the Molybdenum disulphidethe that gives Nylon 6.6 its black colouring also makes it slightly more resistant to daily wear and tear; which gives it a slightly longer expected life-span than natural Nylon 6.6 rods.

To learn more about the individual properties these two Nylon 6.6 rods please visit their respective pages. If after going through them you’re still unsure which one is best suited to your needs, or even if you’re simply looking for clarification, feel free to contact us by email or give us a call.