Properties of Foamex Foam PVC Board

At this time of year Foamex Boards are in demand as businesses attend Christmas Markets and need high quality advertising boards that they can move from one location to another.

Strong, durable and lightweight, Foamex boards are suitable for a whole range of visual displays and presentations, and as they print exceptionally well, many companies choose this diverse material over any other.

If you have never worked with Foamex before, allow us to share some of the unique properties found in this material.


Perhaps the most beneficial property of Foamex boards is that they are surprisingly light in weight.  Even in large sheet form, a Foamex board will only weigh a few hundred grams so it is perfect for mobile advertising displays.


Foamex boards are available in a variety of thicknesses, the most popular being 3mm and 5mm.  For wall-mounted displays, 3mm boards are idea as they are extremely light and have a fine cell structure that is perfect for printing on.  For static or freestanding displays, 5mm Foamex boards will offer more stability.

Finish & Colour

Foamex boards are available with either a Matt or Gloss finish, and come in a whole range of bright and beautiful colours. Foamex with a Gloss finish is generally more rigid than Matt boards.


Foamex boards are 100% weatherproof and are therefore suitable for both interior and exterior displays.  Keeping your boards dry and out of direct sunlight will preserve the colour and leave your Foamex display looking newer for longer.

Foamex boards are also available in circular sheet form, so the possibilities of design are endless.

Smooth Surface

Almost all grades of Foamex Foam PVC board have a very smooth surface which is perfect for direct printing.

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