Ten facts about Foamex

Foamex sheeting is widely used for a variety of signage and creative projects.  For those new to this versatile material, we share some of our Foamex knowledge with you:

  1. Foamex is a brand name, for expanded vinyl material.
  2. Foamex sheeting is made when PVC foam is compressed to create a strong board.
  3. Rigid and hardwearing, Foamex sheeting is extremely lightweight so it is ideal for display purposes.
  4. Foamex is 100% weatherproof, and is unaffected by changes in temperature so it can be used for outdoor applications.
  5. Digital Printing works exceptionally well on Foamex sheeting, you can create a high quality design with a professional finish.
  6. Mounting Foamex is easy; it can be attached to almost any surface with double sided tape or Velcro.
  7. Foamex and be cut to your desired shape and size with conventional tools such as a scribe, a jigsaw and a drill.
  8. Available in a variety of different colours, it is easy to find Foamex sheeting in your favourite colour.
  9. Foamex can be used for decorative purposes in the home, covering unsightly walls and uneven surfaces.
  10. The corners of Foamex sheeting can be ‘wrapped’ to create when printed on, so your sheets can be displayed without the need for a frame.

Foamex has so many different uses and purposes that the list is virtually endless.  Let us know what you use Foamex for and share your views on this product with the world.

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