The perfect way to mount Acrylic Mirrors.

Acrylic mirrors will add a stunning display to any part of your home, office or even your garden.

Resistant to impact and shatter proof, acrylic mirrors are approximately 100 times stronger than glass, but still offer superb reflection.

Installing them in your home or office is easy, they can be custom sized to meet your requirements and pre-drilled with fixing holes so they are ready to hang/install in the conventional way, with hooks or nails.

Alternatively, you could mount your acrylic mirrors using highly adhesive sticky pads, which allow you to mount the mirrors to almost any flat surface.

Perhaps the best results are achieved when you mount your acrylic mirrors with specially designed wall mounted panel supports.

Ideal for mounting your mirrors onto flat surfaces, these elegant wall supports allow you to support your mirrors at almost any angle, creating an impressive display.

Suitable for mirrors up to 7mm thick, these silver effect supports lock into any angle and can support the mirror up to 30mm off the wall.

The supports are clamped down onto your acrylic mirror with the use of an Allan key (included), which takes away the need for messy glue, and the unsightly holes caused by drilling.

Supplied in packs of four these wall mounted panel supports are the perfect way to display your acrylic mirrors.

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