Thermoforming Foamex

Thermoforming is a plastic manufacturing process, where plastic materials are heated to a pliable temperature and formed into usable objects with a mould.

Vacuum, air pressure and mechanical forming devices are used during this process, to assist the softened plastic reform into the new shape of the mould.

Thermoforming is achieved at a variety of different temperatures, but perhaps the most beneficial temperature of thermoforming Foamex is approximately 140 degrees.  At this stage, Foamex can be stretched, formed and trimmed into your desired mould, creating the exact design you are looking for.

Your Foamex will remain workable and pliable for around 30 seconds so you need to work quickly to guarantee perfect results.

Once formed, your Foamex should be supported until it cools to retain the new shape.

Now you have your thermoformed Foamex you can decorate it with a variety of different methods.  The semi matt surface makes it a perfect material for painting on, and most vinyls, acrylic lacquers and other plastic paints will give you a professional finish.

Digital printing also works well, and with the right design and great materials, you can achieve an outstanding result.

Foamex, shaping things to come!

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