Top 5 Products for Home Improvements

With many of us having to stay home for the foreseeable future, there is ample time to be getting on with those home improvements and projects that we have previously been putting off.

At Cut Plastic Sheeting we are still working to cut and deliver our products during this time, keeping of course to the government guidelines of distancing as much as possible. You will find what you need to get your project started on our website, where you can also use our online chat service to enable us to offer you help and advice on the best materials for the job at hand.

We have put together 5 of our top products, along with what you can achieve using it, in the attempt to get your creativity flowing!

Create Vegetable Covers

This is a great idea for protecting your plants and vegetables from any pests that may like to nibble away all of your hard work. Natural Polypropylene Sheeting is perfect for this, being strong, pliable and semi-translucent.

Make a Display Cabinet

Have you always been meaning to make a stylish cabinet to display your collection of models, books, ornaments or other hobbies? Now is the perfect time to finally get around to it, so take a look at our Gloss Black Perspex Sheeting for creating the base and sides, then use Clear Acrylic Perspex Sheeting for the front and top!

Replace Shed Windows

It’s been a rough winter so it’s inevitable that many shed windows will need repairing or replacing. This couldn’t be easier than with our Clear Acrylic Perspex Sheeting, which we will cut to size, ready for you to slot them into place.

Fit a Kitchen Splashback

A great way to finish the look of a kitchen, is to fit a stylish splashback around your cooker and worktops. Simply choose the colour that will complement your current kitchen design, such as one from our Perspex Sweet Pastels Sheeting range, send us the measurements and your new splashback will arrive ready to fit into place.

Build your Own Bar

When you can’t go out to the bar, you could always build your own! Many of our customers have created their own little space for relaxing and unwinding, with the feel of going out for a drink, but being able to stay at home. Our Opal Frosted Acrylic Sheeting has proven very popular in this kind of design.

Create a Home Gym

We have had many customers contact us in the last 2 weeks, looking for a mirrored product to incorporate into their new home gym. Our Acrylic Mirror Sheeting is perfect for this, being lightweight, strong and shatterproof. It is easy to keep clean and has excellent reflective properties.

Good luck with any projects that you undertake at home, be sure to send us a photo so that can share your wonderful ideas with all of our customers!

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