Using Plastic Sheeting in the Food and Drink Industry

The food and drink industry has strict rules that govern how products can be displayed, in order to keep them in the freshest and most hygienic condition possible until the point of purchase.

These food display units need to be carefully constructed to avoid any risk of cross contamination and to prevent any health and hygiene violations. They also need to look smart, stylish and have the ability to display your products in a visually attractive way that will work to entice potential customers to make a purchase.

Here at Cut Plastic Sheeting we have a wide range of acrylic sheets that not only meet basic food hygiene requirements, they are also easy to work with and will make your display stand out in a competitive market. Here are just some examples of food and drink displays that our customers have created using our materials.

Food Cabinet Screen

Perfect for food displays in shops and cafes, our Clear Perspex Acrylic allows easy access to the products on offer, whilst being easy to clean and adhering to food and hygiene standards.

Food Counter Sneeze Screen

Great for building a hot food display or for keeping cakes and sandwiches fresh, Clear Perspex Acrylic can easily create a hygienic sneeze screen between the food products and members of the public.

Bar Mirror

A fantastic finishing touch for any commercial or home bar, Acrylic Mirror Sheeting is strong, lightweight and shatter proof.

Patisserie Display Cabinet

Keeping bakery goods fresh and protected, Clear Perspex Acrylic was used to build this food counter display unit.

Confectionery Stand

Strong and sturdy, Clear Perspex Acrylic can be used to create a stand for displaying goods in schools, shops and other businesses.

LED Neon Bar Sign

Creating a fantastic finishing touch for any bar area, Blue Cast Acrylic with a Gloss Finish can be easily manipulated to make a stylish cocktail sign, such as this one for a customers home.

If you are looking for any further information on any of these projects or need some help for your own food and drink display project, please get in contact with us by emailing or by calling 01752 917434.

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