Using Plastic Sheeting to Create Signage

Signage is something that we usually take for granted. If we are looking for a building, a street or the location of something in a store, there is nearly always a sign to point us in the right direction.

However, signage can be expensive to produce and can eat heavily into the budget of a business or project. This is why so many of Cut Plastic Sheeting’s customers have taken the initiative and a little bit of creativity, to create their very own signs with our wide range of products at their disposal. 

Here are just a few of the fantastic signage projects that have been completed using versatile plastic sheeting.

Outdoor Advertising

If your business is based outdoors you will need durable, weatherproof materials to see you through the unpredictable seasons. Matt Black PVC Foamex Board is perfect for this. It can be printed upon to display clear instructions, directions or pricing, which will stand the test of time to be used for many years to come.

Cut Out Lettering

Schools often have  limited funds to improve the aesthetics of their buildings. This is why one school took it upon themselves to create their own smart and clear signage to go above the front entrance. They have used Brushed Aluminium Finish Dibond Sheeting for making bold cut-out lettering that looks professional, making the building more welcoming to students and parents.

Sign Back Board

You can also create signs that really stand out by printing or painting onto a white back board. It will look bright and clean for any type of lettering or images and is easy to fix onto a wall space. This clever customer used White Dibond Aluminium Composite Sheeting to make a child friendly, fun sign for their pre-school.

Internal Company Signs

If you work in a large company with many offices, or in a shared building with other companies, having clear signage is very important and can help support your brand or company values. You will want to avoid clients or potential customers getting lost and frustrated…after all, first impressions are key! Clear Perspex Cast Acrylic Sheeting is perfect for creating visible yet classic signs, such as fire exit signs or even a toilet sign, that are easy to screw onto an internal wall or door, adding a professional touch that can’t be ignored.

Make Your Own Table Signs

Personal projects need a personal touch, which Cut Plastic Sheeting can offer you. We have many customers who use our materials for events and parties, such as for weddings. Perfect for making table signs and place names, Clear Acrylic Perspex Sheeting is easy to work with and will look like you have spent lots of money on a stylish and personalised reception. We will be the only ones who know differently…but our lips are sealed!

If you are looking for any further information on any of these projects or need some help for your own signage project, please get in contact with us by emailing or by calling 01752 917434.

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