Using Plastic to Build or Replace Windows

Windows are an important element of any structure, needing to be completed correctly for the sake of security and for keeping out the damp weather conditions.

Acrylic is a fantastic material for building new windows or for replacing old broken ones, with a flexibility and strength that glass is not always able to offer. We have put together some of our customer success stories to show you how easy and secure these types of windows are to incorporate into a number of different projects.

Farm Vehicle Windows

One creative customer could no longer get a replacement window for the back of his tractor…so he improvised with some of our Clear Polycarbonate Sheeting and made one himself!

Internal Windows

Sometimes windows are necessary for dividing rooms within the home, as this customer demonstrates by creating a window to separate their music room from the rest of the house.

Boat Windows

Proving that acrylic sheeting can really be used for anything, one customer created new windows for his boat!

Secondary Glazing

Perfect for adding an extra layer to an existing window, this customer fitted the sheet himself after getting it cut to size by our team. He instantly noticed a reduction in chilly draughts and an increase in heat retention for the room.

Treehouse Windows

The finishing touch on a waterproof treehouse den, this customer loved the clear, strong result which let in great amounts of light.

Shed Windows

With Clear Acrylic Perspex that is cut to size, any shed can be made safe, secure and water-tight once more.

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