Video: How To Transform Your Kitchen Using Acrylic Perspex Door Fronts

Having your kitchen fully refurbished can be an expensive undertaking, and as much as you might crave a re-design, for many people it’s an extravagant expense that is simply not feasible. Our coloured acrylic kitchen door fronts are an affordable solution to this problem as not only do they look great, they are also easy to apply and can be delivered fully cut to size.

Considerably quicker and a lot more affordable than traditional methods of home improvement, with our cut-to-size kitchen door fronts you’ll be able to completely transform your kitchen; and the best part about it all is that you can have your new kitchen less than one hour after the cut-to-size acrylic panels arrive at your door step.


Hi, my name is Ian and I work for a company called Cut Plastic Sheeting. I am going to show you quickly how to transform your whole kitchen by putting new acrylic panels on the front of the drawers and the cupboards.

The acrylic is supplied with a double-sided tape on the back which you can just remove yourself. There are a few ways you can do this (apply the acrylic kitchen door front):

  1. Is you can completely remove your cupboard doors and drawers, and do them flat on the floor.
  2. Or you can do it as I am, in which you can use a straight edge to the bottom of the door to stick your panel on, and then pre-drill the back where the handles are through the acrylic before you do anything else.

You’re going to drill with a 4mm drill bit, and just drill through the cupboard door, at the back, into the acrylic on a slow speed. Peel the film back enough to get the handle back on, and then peel the film right off. And that has transformed your cupboard door in to a stylish, glossy colour.

Likewise with the cupboard door and drawer fronts, just remove the backing tape that’s supplied on the back of the unit, and again just line the drawer front up with the drawer. As the same with the cupboard door, just drill through on the inside, through the acrylic and re-apply the handle.





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