Video: What Is Foamex PVC Foam Board?

Part of our new Plastic Spotlight YouTube collection, these videos detail the properties of Foamex PVC Foam Board and how to work it correctly, in a way that is concise, detailed and easy to follow.


Hi there. My name’s Ian, I’m from a company called Cut Plastics, and I’m just going to run through Foamex.
Foamex is an extremely versatile PVC Foam Sheet, which is easy to bend and to cut; and easy to drill, glue and print. It’s mainly used for signage and exhibition panels due to its easy fabrication and high-quality smooth finish.
It’s suitable for internal and external use and it has a UV-fading warranty as well, of up to 7 years externally and 10 years internally.
As you can see, Foamex is also in a wide range of different colours, a matte finish, and a gloss finish.

How To Drill & Cut Foamex PVC Board

I’m just going to show you how easy it is to work with Foamex at home. Foamex is really soft, so for drilling it’s pretty easy.
Drilling holes in Foamex is really easy, and you can also cut Foamex with a Stanley knife. So just scoring the edge of the Foamex with a Stanley Knife, nice and gently, and then going across the same line again.
Do that a few times and the Foamex will just … fall off; so it is really easy to use.
Cutting Foamex as well at home, you can use a saw – there are a number of ways of cutting Foamex. You can use a jig-saw with a small blade in there and you could also use a panel-saw as well and arris (smooth) the edges off with sandpaper afterwards.
Really soft again, so as you (saw) through the Foamex, it just goes through really nicely

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