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When To Use Different Types Of Acrylic

Identifying the right Perspex Acrylic Sheet for your project can be confusing with its array of options. From Clear Acrylic Sheets to Mirror Acrylic Sheets, each type of acrylic offers unique aesthetics and functionalities. Our blog delves into the types of perspex sheets available at Cut Plastic Sheeting, detailing their features and ideal applications. 

Clear Acrylic Sheet

Our top-selling Clear Perspex Acrylic Sheet is prized for its versatility across various applications, boasting numerous benefits such as uniform thickness, smooth finish, lightweight yet durable structure, exceptional clarity, and UV resistance. It is a popular material used both in DIY and commercial settings and can also be used in both internal and external environments. 

Clear perspex can be used for several different applications such as Medical Displays, Splashbacks, Fridge shelves, signage, Table Top Protectors, Secondary Glazing, and greenhouse panels. 

Coloured Acrylic Sheet

Another popular choice of perspex sheet is coloured acrylic. It holds many of the same features of Clear Acrylic but with the added choice of selecting a colour to suit your project. From black plastic sheeting to brightly coloured perspex sheets, they typically come in either gloss or matte finishes. 

At Cut Plastic Sheeting, we have loads of different colours available to match your project. Coloured acrylic is commonly used for splashbacks, wall cladding, signage and pos displays. 

Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Mirror Acrylic Sheets, offer the reflective properties of traditional mirrors alongside the benefits of lightweight construction, shatter resistance, and effortless customisation.

Mirrored Acrylic can also come in a range of different colours, infusing spaces with vibrantly tinted reflections, these sheets elevate environments ranging from playrooms and classrooms to retail settings. Silver mirrored acrylic however is commonly used in Stables, Gyms and fitness studios.

Modified Perspex Acrylic Sheet

Perspex sheets can be made with extra coatings to create a more specialist acrylic sheet. Depending on the purpose of the material, you can either get an Anti-reflective acrylic or scratch-resistant acrylic. 

Anti-reflective acrylic is great for photo frames and large poster framing whilst scratch-resistant acrylic is great for tabletop protectors and machine guards. 

Green Edged Perspex Acrylic Sheet

Silicate Green Edge Acrylic, also known as Glass Effect Acrylic or ‘Green Edge’, serves as an excellent alternative to glass when seeking its aesthetic appeal. With a slight green dye infusion during manufacturing, it mimics the distinctive green tint observed in glass edges, providing the desired visual effect without compromising on durability or versatility.

Green Edged Perspex is commonly used in interior design elements, retail displays, signage, and architectural features. 

100% Recycled Perspex Acrylic Sheet

Crafted from post-consumer acrylic waste, Recycled Cast Acrylic sheets offer an environmentally conscious option for businesses and individuals aiming to reduce their ecological footprint. Renowned for their durability and resilience to UV radiation, weathering, and chemicals, these sheets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, providing sustainable solutions without compromising quality.

Recycled Greencast acrylic sheets are commonly used for applications similar to the standard acrylic sheet. These include signage, retail fixtures, balustrades, table top protectors and more.

Translucent Perspex Acrylic Sheet

Tinted acrylic sheets offer a superior alternative to tinted glass, providing enhanced safety, strength, and durability in various applications.

Tinted Perspex sheets find versatile applications across various sectors, serving as an ideal solution for secondary glazing to enhance insulation and noise reduction in buildings, as well as for boat windows, offering durability and resistance to the harsh marine environment. Additionally, these sheets are commonly used in signage, adding a touch of sophistication and visibility to advertisements, directions, and branding displays.

At Cut Plastic Sheeting, we cater to all your cut to size acrylic needs, whether you’re seeking clear acrylic or tinted options. Our services ensure precision cuts tailored to your specifications, providing the perfect fit for your project. With a variety of thicknesses available, you can select the ideal option to meet the requirements of your endeavor, ensuring durability and functionality.

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