White Standard Foamex vs Foamex Forex Print

Also known as foamalite, palight, foam PVC and foam board, white foamex is available in a few different versions. Here we take a closer look at Standard White Foamex and Foamex Forex Print in order to see which is best for your task at hand.

White Standard Foamex

  • Foamex is a PVC board which is rigid and durable, having been compressed in order to make it extra strong.
  • It is lightweight and flexible, therefore easy to manoeuvre into the required position.
  • Popular for creating signs, mounting artwork, exhibition stands, estate agent boards and much more.
  • Standard foamex has a smooth, even surface, with a matt finish on both sides that can be printed on.
  • Easy to cut to the required size, this can be done using simple tools without the need for specialised equipment.
  • Printer friendly surface, great for photos and text.
  • Dense and smooth construction – this is a solid plastic sheet with nothing ‘foamy’ about it!

Foamex Forex Print

  • Foamex Forex Print is a premium grade rigid sheet which is used for print applications.
  • Forex print consists of two thin plastic sheets and a layer of hard foam that gives the base for a matt picture quality.
  • It is perfect for using on internal and external commercial and creative projects.
  • Popular for creating signage, displays, model making, mounting artwork, exhibition stands and much more.
  • Easy to cut to the required size, it can also be heat bent and glued for most tasks.
  • Great for direct digital printing, with an optimum colour fastness and ink adhesion that offers excellent quality to the image and text.
  • This material is difficult to ignite and is self-extinguishing if it does, making it extremely safe to use in all situations.

Key Similarities

  • Both materials are perfect for print applications, for internal and external use in all weather conditions.
  • Easy to cut to size, both standard foamex and foamex forex print can be altered using simple tools, without the need for specialised equipment.
  • Both standard foamex and forex print are matt in finish and lightweight for easy manoeuvring.

Key Differences

  • Foamex forex print is a higher premium grade finish than standard foamex, meaning the quality of the print finish is excellent. Even though standard foamex is still of a high quality finish, if your print is going to be viewed close up then you might consider a forex print.
  • Standard foamex is considered better for screen printing, whilst forex is aimed towards digital printing.
  • Standard foamex is thought to have higher mechanical properties and a harder wearing surface.
  • If you are safety conscious, you may decide to choose a foamex forex print sheet. It is incredibly hard to set alight and if it does, then it has self extinguishing properties.
  • Standard foamex is thought to be better suited to longer term applications, whilst forex print is more practical for short to mid-term use such as advertising campaigns.




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