Why Acrylic Is Perfect For Exhibition Display Boards

Anyone who has ever been to an exhibition will be able to attest to the extreme hustle and bustle that fills the hall right from start to finish. There are hundreds, sometimes thousands of people weaving in, out and around of each other, trying to see everything that the event has to offer during its limited life time; and as an exhibitor it is imperative that you always bear this in mind.

A lot of thought ought to go into the design and formation of a display stand, especially if you want to make the most of it. The safest way to do this is to take a critical look at the environment and select the right materials to construct your display from accordingly.

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Acrylic has a number of properties which make it stand out against materials such as metal, wood and even other types of plastic. Acrylic’s machineability and relatively low cost are certainly two of the main contributing factors to its wide spread use, as it makes it easy for people to test acrylic in a certain role and see if it suits their purposes.

Naturally there are other factors to consider when you are deciding on a material to use, other than the two previously mentioned. As stated, an exhibition is a busy place, and the display is likely to be on the receiving end of a good deal of physical contact, which is why strength, resilience and durability are a must have quality.


Fortunately, acrylic is nothing if not resilient; it will not break if knocked over and it does not shatter. Better still, due to it being incredibly lightweight, it is easy to right up should it ever be knocked over, and moving it to and from the exhibition centre is a breeze.

The decorative opportunities that acrylic offer are also rather enticing. The sheets themselves are available in a range of colours, and printed stickers or decals can be easily adhered onto them, enabling a wide range of great decorative possibilities; as is evident from the images above, which illustrate how some of our customers have used our acrylic sheets in the past to build their exhibition display boards.

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