Why Use Acrylic Mirror?

Our mirrored acrylic is among the most asked after products on our site, but just what can it be used for, and why should it be used instead of glass? Impact resistant, light weight and cost effective are a few of the key reasons you could be opting for Acrylic mirror instead of glass!

We find glass mirrors everywhere – in our bathrooms, in our homes and gardens, in shops, in stables, on our cars, in telescopes, cameras and in countless other environments. In many of these applications it is possible to replace old, cracked, unsafe or degraded glass mirrors with new acrylic mirror, and in many more applications it is necessary that the mirror be made of acrylic – think about distorted mirrors such as those you would find in a fun house!

Impact Resistance

Acrylic sheet is championed as a very strong material which is resistant to impacts. Ideal for use where glass may crack or shatter, acrylic is a resilient alternative to traditional mirrors. For this reason, mirrored acrylic can be used to replace glass as mirrors in schools, stables, prisons, the home, and anywhere where safety is of the utmost importance.

Light Weight

In addition to being flexible and shatter resistant, acrylic is remarkably lightweight. Around half the weight of glass, acrylic is far cheaper to deliver than glass and far easier to install. An entire sheet can be mounted with screws or a suitable adhesive with the greatest of ease, though it should be noted that acrylic mirror should be mounted on a flat surface to prevent unwanted warping.

Low Cost

Thanks to its light weight and longevity, acrylic proves to be a very low cost material. It is relatively cheap to buy and requires very little in terms of maintenance. The surface can be kept clean with a soft cloth, warm water and a little household detergent – no harsh chemicals or scourers are required. Similarly, should the surface of an acrylic mirror become scratched the marks may be taken out with a polish advertised for use with plastics. A buffing wheel and a small amount of polishing paste will be all that is required to restore the shine to the surface of acrylic sheet.

There are many applications where acrylic mirror has advantages over glass. Its flexibility is useful where curved or bent mirrors are required – whether in a practical or a decorative application – its impact resistance makes it suitable for environments where safety is a concern, and its light weight and low maintenance make it easy to install and maintain.

For more information on our range of plastic mirrors – including mirrored acrylic, polycarbonate and aluminium dibond – please visit our main website. If you enjoyed this bog post or if you’ve been convinced that Acrylic Mirror is the way to go then we’d love to here from you. You can get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

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