Winter Preparation: Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels

If you have a greenhouse or are thinking about getting one, it is safe to assume that you are more than just a dabbler when it comes to cultivating your own plants or vegetables. Sadly the British climate is not always ideal when it comes to growing all year round, which is why having a quality greenhouse that will adequately protect your plants, whilst also allowing in and trapping ample light and heat is so important.


Glass has for a long time been the material of choice when it comes to constructing greenhouses, but that does not necessarily mean that it is the only, or even the most appropriate, material available. Clear Acrylic (Perspex) Greenhouse Panels, for example, have proven themselves to be very competent, and have quickly become one of the more popular glass alternatives; due to their lightweight structure and crystal clear transparency.


But acrylic is not the only plastic that threatens to steal glass’ position as the number one Greenhouse material. Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels have been gaining popularity for some time now, and it’s clear why from little more than a passing glance. For instance, polycarbonate sheets have long been renowned for their transparent clarity and their impressive resistance to the effects of weathering and low temperatures; making them a more-than-qualified glass panel substitute.Transparent Plastic Hutch Extention

Needless to say, polycarbonate is stronger, lighter and more flexible than glass, so its only real competition comes from acrylic. The acrylic Vs. polycarbonate argument is one that comes up often, but honestly, the reason why one has not superseded the other is that they both excel in different areas. For example, acrylic is less dear than polycarbonate and can be sawn, cut, drilled, etc. with greater ease, whereas polycarbonate boasts a far greater resistance to physical and chemical damage, making it easier to keep clean and clear.


Installing Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels is child’s play and will take up very little time, given that you are following the right instructions. Also, just because they are called ‘greenhouse panels’ doesn’t mean that is all they’re good for, in fact these polycarbonate panels are suitable for just about any outdoor use and we’ve seen them being used as shed windows, outdoor animal hutch enclosures and garden shelters, amongst other things.

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Cut Plastic Sheeting offers Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels in varying levels of thickness, all of which are available cut-to-size. If you would like to take a closer look at these panels, along with all of the other glass-alternative greenhouse panels we have to offer, simply visit the Greenhouse / Shed Panels category on our website.

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