About Us

Cut Plastic Sheeting was created from the growing market demand for bespoke cut panels. Since our establishment we have grown rapidly and become one of the leading suppliers, offering impressive lead times, quality manufacturing and outstanding customer service. 

Whatever the demands or complexities of the design, our systems are always flexible enough to cope. Whether it is a prototype or a production run, each item receives the same meticulous attention because ultimately, quality reflects the prestige of the merchandise.

We employ the very best skills and technologies into our manufacturing environment. All designs are created in a Computer Aided Design facility (CAD) and seamlessly converted via a CAD CAM format for machining on the latest Laser and CNC technology. All designs and products are stored electronically for future reference by our clients.

We have the facilities in-house to cut almost any sheet product, from diamond polished acrylics, to aluminium composite panels. We will also soon offer vector and raster engravings of acrylics.