Coloured Perspex Acrylic Discs


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Strong, durable and incredibly resilient to damage, our coloured Perspex acrylic discs are amongst some of the most versatile plastic materials that you’re likely to find; and they are certainly the most cost cost-effective. Ten times harder than glass, these acrylic discs can tolerate a good deal of punishment and are easy to maintain; which is why they are often used in busy public spaces or areas such as bathrooms and kitchens that require frequent cleaning.

Our acrylic discs not only come in a wide range of different colours but also a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Each of our coloured acrylic discs are available cut to size, which means that they will be ready to use the second they arrive on your doorstep. Having said that, Perspex® acrylic is also a very easy material to cut, drill, route, bend and otherwise work, so there is nothing stopping you if you’d rather do the work yourself at home.

The Coloured Perspex acrylic Discs are versatile and hard-wearing, but depending on the project that you had in mind there may be a more effective plastic material available. We stock a wide range of plastic discs, but you can learn more about these coloured acrylic discs by visiting the individual product pages. Alternatively, you can find out all there is to know regarding the materials we offer on our blog, or by simply asking us over the phone or by email.

Acrylic is commonly known as Perspex, please view our blog to understand the difference between Perspex® and Acrylic.