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Using Sheet Material In Architecture

In the architecture industry, the choice of materials plays a pivotal role in shaping the form, function, and aesthetic appeal of a structure. While the selection largely depends on the specific requirements of each project, some materials stand out for their versatility and application across a wide range of architectural contexts.

What Are The Best Materials To Use In The Architecture Industry?

There are various types of materials that can be used when building structures, but the choice comes down to the requirements. Some materials may need to have external properties such as weather or UV resistance while others may need to have a more premium finish to modernise the interior. Some of the most popular building materials include PVC, Acrylic, ACM, and Wood.

Due to its transparency and adaptability, acrylic both coloured and clear, is a popular choice for projects. PVC offers a practical solution for interior and exterior cladding, known for its low maintenance and cost-effectiveness. Aluminum composite panels (ACM) are favoured for sleek facade cladding, offering both durability and aesthetic possibilities. Wood, lends warmth and character to interiors and exteriors alike, making it a cherished material in architectural design.

How To Use Sheet Material In Architecture?


Solid sheets have outstanding resistance to impact, spills, and stains. They enhance aesthetic appeal whilst simplifying maintenance.  


Plastic glazing refers to the use of plastic materials as a substitute for traditional glass in applications like windows, skylights, and other transparent surfaces.

LED Lighting

Light diffusing acrylic has been created to meet a range of specifications, suitable for signage, retail displays and interior design pieces.

Interior Finishes

Wood, such as MDF or Plywood, can be used for interior finishes such as for wall paneling, ceiling finishes, and cabinetry for a warm and natural look.


Sheet material can be used to create different design aspects in a building such as office enclosure, balustrades and protective screens. 

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