Clear Perspex Acrylic Discs


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One of the most cost-effective and versatile plastic materials available in the world today, Perspex acrylic is lightweight, durable and easy to cut, drill, route and bend; making it the perfect material for DIY practitioners and professionals alike. Ten times harder than a traditional glass of the same thickness, the strength of our acrylic discs is one of the main reasons why they are so popular, and yet what makes our clear acrylic discs truly remarkable is their impressive transparent clarity.

Capable of offering the same crystal-clear clarity that you’d expect the glass to provide, clear acrylic discs make the perfect windows and can also be used in retail displays, art exhibits, cinema poster casings, or even something as ordinary and simple as light fittings! Irrelevant of what you require them for, our range of cut-to-size acrylic discs is certain to meet all but the most discriminating requirements; and even then, there are not many materials outside of engineering plastics that can give acrylic a run for its money.

The versatility of our clear Perspex acrylic discs allows them to excel in a variety of different situations, but there are scenarios where another plastic material could be better suited. If you’re not sure which material would best suit your needs, you can learn more about each of our clear acrylic discs by visiting the individual listing. We’re also able to offer you our thoughts and advice over the phone or by email if you’d like to contact us directly.

Acrylic is commonly known as Perspex, please view our blog to understand the difference between Perspex® and Acrylic.