Understanding Our Minimum Order Charge | Cut Plastic Sheeting

Understanding Our Minimum Order Charge

At Cut Plastic Sheeting, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, transparency, and maintaining a sustainable business model. To support this, we have implemented the following charges:

  1. A minimum order charge for all orders under £50, exclusive of VAT, to cover labour and setup costs in our factory.
  2. A delivery surcharge for orders with any item exceeding the dimensions of 1200 x 700, if the total order value is less than £79.99, exclusive of VAT.

We understand that this may seem unusual, especially to our customers who require smaller quantities of our acrylic or plastic sheet materials. Here, we aim to shed some light on why this charge exists and how it ultimately benefits our customers.

Why We Have a Minimum Order Charge

Running a business involves a myriad of costs, some of which are directly related to the production process, while others maintain our capacity to deliver you the best possible service. A significant portion of these expenses comes from the labour and setup costs associated with preparing and processing each individual order. 

When we process an order, regardless of its size, there are certain fixed costs that we incur. These include the time and effort spent to: 

  • Communicate with customers about their requirements 
  • Prepare the machinery and equipment 
  • Load the material 
  • Ensure precise cutting and fabrication as per the specifications 
  • Inspect the final product for quality control 
  • Package the product securely 
  • Arrange for quick and efficient delivery 

These steps are crucial to delivering the high-quality products that our customers expect from us. Unfortunately, they cost nearly the same amount of time, effort, and resources whether we’re preparing a small or large order. That’s why we’ve established a minimum order charge, which allows us to cover these costs without compromising on the quality or efficiency of our service.

Specialised Delivery Surcharge for Large Items

In addition to the costs associated with preparing and processing each order, there are logistical complexities that come with shipping larger items. When an item exceeds the dimensions of 1200 x 700, we must utilise one of our specialised delivery partners to ensure that your product arrives safely and in excellent condition. Typically, smaller items are shipped via standard couriers such as DPD. However, larger items require a specialised delivery service due to their size and the care needed in handling them.

Because these specialised delivery services are inherently more expensive, a delivery surcharge is applied to orders that contain any item exceeding the dimensions of 1200 x 700, when the total order value is less than £67.50. This surcharge helps us to offset the higher shipping costs without sacrificing the quality and safety of your product during transit.

How It Benefits Our Customers

Our minimum order charges allows us to:

Maintain high-quality standards

This charge enables us to keep investing in the best materials, machinery, and skilled personnel that together ensure the quality of our products.

Offer professional customer service

We strive to provide outstanding customer service to answer all your queries promptly and process your orders efficiently. This service is supported by our minimum order charge.

Cover costs & stay in business

As a business, it’s vital for us to cover our costs and remain profitable. This ensures that we can continue to serve you in the long run, always being here when you need us.

Keep prices fair & competitive

By incorporating the cost of labour and setup into a minimum order charge, we can keep our per-unit prices competitive. This pricing structure is more equitable, especially for customers placing larger orders.

Maintaining our 5-Star Service

Our minimum order and delivery surcharges enable us to maintain the exceptional quality and service you’ll see celebrated in the reviews below.

Final Thoughts

We understand that the minimum order charge might seem inconvenient, particularly for smaller orders. However, we believe it is a necessary measure to maintain our high-quality standards, ensure fair pricing, and sustain our business in the long term. We are always open to discussing your specific needs and finding ways to provide you with the best possible service within this framework.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.