Foamex Board


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What is Foamex Board?

Foamex is a PVC board which is rigid and durable whilst still being lightweight and flexible. These qualities have made it extremely popular for signs, and artwork/display backing.

Why is Foamex so popular?

The smooth surface of Foamex board makes it extremely printer-friendly, great results can be obtained when printing both photos and text. You can also print on either side of the sheet giving you even more flexibility when designing your display solution.

Easy to work with, Foamex can be nailed, screwed and riveted to surfaces as required.

How To Print On Foamex?

Foamex is a great material to print on. It has a smooth surface which makes it an ideal base for print and it has weather resistant properties so it can be used for outdoor signage. At Cut Plastic Sheeting, the recommended foamex material for printed projects is the White Foamex Forex Print PVC Foam Board (Matt Finish).

What is Foamex Called?

Foamex is also known by the tradenames of Foamalite, Forex and Palight.

Where To Buy Foamex?

Cut Plastic Sheeting are leading Foamex board supplier that can supply Foamex in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm thicknesses cut to your size requirements.

Shop our range of products, all cut to size and your specification or contact us via the website, email or phone.