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Clear acrylic sheet plastic is a superb alternative to glass in a number of applications in the home and commercial environment. Its performance exceeds that of glass in a number of areas including weight. impact resistance, weathering and strength.

We have a number of different clear plastic materials available which are suited to different applications; from clear extruded Perspex® acrylic for use as replacement greenhouse panels to green edge ‘glass effect’ acrylic for use in retail displays or as safe and shatterproof shower screens. We even have a number of high performance clear plastic sheets available for use in the most demanding environments such as clear polycarbonate for creating high impact screens in sports arenas and PETG for use as machine guards in factories.

Clear acrylic sheet is also used where a superior aesthetic is required, and our non-reflective acrylic is perfect for use in gallery and exhibition spaces as a lightweight and high strength alternative to picture glass. All of our clear acrylic is remarkably resistant to damage caused by UV light, and it will not cloud, yellow or discolour in either indoor or outdoor applications. Furthermore it has a low moisture absorption rate which ensures the sheet will not warp with repeated contact with water, making it able to withstand repeated cleaning and approved for food contact.

We stock a range of clear cut to size plastic materials which have slightly different qualities making them suitable for different applications. Please see below for further details on our individual cut plastic sheets and to receive a free and instant quote with our online price calculator.