Polycarbonate Discs


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Approximately 250 times harder than glass, polycarbonate is a particularly strong plastic material that has unparalleled durability. These polycarbonate discs are completely see-through and offers a transparent clarity that rivals that of glass. This transparency is consistent throughout all of the thicknesses that we offer our polycarbonate discs in, and the material itself is also half the weight of glass, so you can safely install it just about anywhere!

These plastic discs find utility across a multitude of sectors, including electronics, engineering, automotive, construction, medical, and more. They are commonly used for machine guards, protective shields, lens covers, and structural components.

To learn more about polycarbonate, or to find out whether or not it is suitable for whatever you have in mind, please visit the individual product page. Alternatively, we have a number of posts on our blog page that explore the individual qualities of polycarbonate plastic; and you can also contact us by phone or email if you’re unable to find a sufficient answer to your query.