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Air Conditioning Window Seal Panel

Need some relief from the scorching summer heat or simply want a cool and comfortable indoor environment, then it’s probably time to invest in an air conditioning unit. And if you already have one but aren’t fully satisfied with the results, then window sealing your air conditioning unit is a must. Take a look at our dedicated page on Air Conditioning Window Seal Panels and learn the benefits of using them, how to order and install a panel, and what materials we recommend. 

What Are The Benefits Of Air Conditioning?

It is important to first understand why people require air-conditioning units to then know, why it is important to maximise its effectiveness. Primarily, people use air-conditioning units to create a comfortable and suitable indoor environment. Air conditioning allows individuals to control and maintain a desired temperature indoors, especially during hot or humid weather. It also helps to reduce excess humidity in the air by removing moisture, creating a more pleasant and breathable indoor space. Air conditioning systems help circulate and filter the air, removing stagnant or stale air and introducing fresh air into the space, this can improve indoor air quality and can help alleviate allergy symptoms.

What Is Window Sealing For Air Conditioning?

Window sealing ensures efficient cooling when using a portable air conditioning unit. By sealing the window, you prevent external heat from accessing your space. The purpose of a window seal panel is to create a barrier. The warm moist air that the air conditioning unit is removing from your space, will not be able to get back in if there is a panel there to block it. Window seal panels can include a convenient cut-out, designed to accommodate the air conditioning exhaust.

If the ventilation from your air conditioning unit is not effective and efficient, you will not get all the great benefits an air conditioning unit can bring. That is why it is important to have a window seal.. 

A window seal unit can be made using cut-to-size sheets of Perspex Acrylic or Polycarbonate. It gets installed in front of your current window frame so that your existing window can remain open, yet you still have the plastic sheet material acting as a secondary window. 

How To Measure For A Window Seal Panel?

Measuring for an air conditioning window seal panel can be a straightforward process especially if you have a sliding window or outward swing window. Follow these easy steps to complete your measurements:

1. Measure the height & width of the window 

2. Measure the required diameter of your cut out. You can do this by placing a ruler or tape measure across the circle, passing through its center. Make sure the ruler is aligned with the two points on the circle’s edge that are farthest apart. Read the measurement where the edge of the circle intersects the ruler. This measurement represents the diameter.

3. Measure the location of the hole by measuring the distance from the centre edge of the hole to the nearest edges.

If you have a more complex window and cut out, please contact our sales team for help and advice. 

Shop Window Seal Panels

It is important to pick the right material for your window seal panel to ensure longevity and durability. There are a number of different materials that you can select that would work, but some not only look better than others but are more efficient. With Clear Perspex Acrylic, Polycarbonate, or Frosted Acrylic, you not only get the benefits of impact and UV resistance, but they also look a lot more stylish when placing them in your home or office.

Once you’ve weighed up the benefits of each of the materials and selected the best one for you, you can view the product page and get an instant quote. All we require is your measurements, the thickness of the material you require, and a drawing of the panel, as referenced above. We do recommend that all panels have at least 3mm thickness.

Clear Acrylic

Our most popular and best-selling clear material. A multi-purpose and high-quality material.

Frosted Acrylic

 The frosted quality makes it ideal for creating privacy or other situations where clear acrylic is not suitable.


Over 200 times stronger than glass, Polycarbonate is our toughest clear sheet material.

How To Install An Air Conditioning Window Seal?

There are a couple of ways in which you can install your air conditioning unit depending on your requirements, and both methods are simple and easy to do yourself.

If you just want the panel to be in place during the hotter periods of the year, you are better off purchasing some heavy-duty stick-on velcro tape. That way, you can put the tape on the edges of the plastic panel, and on the edge of your window frame and connect it that way. Then, when you no longer require it, you can easily remove the panel and the tape, minimising any long-term damage to your window frames.

Alternatively, you can screw your panel onto your window frame for a more permanent fixture. At Cut Plastic Sheeting, we can drill the holes for you to make installation that much easier. If you have more questions on the installation process, please contact our sales team for expert advice.