Coloured Acrylic Sheets


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At Cut Plastic Sheeting, we offer a varied range of coloured acrylic sheets which can be cut to your required size and shape. From vibrant solid colours to opal sheets with light-diffusing capabilities, our acrylic sheets can suit any interior and is a great solution material for DIY projects. Our custom-cut service also means that the majority of our material can have polished edges, drill holes and rounded corners!

Common Applications for Coloured Acrylic Sheets:

Due to the durability and weather-resistant capabilities of acrylic, it can be used in both internal and external environments which makes it a popular choice for both at-home and business use. Some common applications of coloured acrylic include:

  • Replacement kitchen cabinets
  • Tabletop protectors
  • Interior design applications
  • Wall cladding
  • Point of sale displays
  • Signage

What are the advantages of using coloured acrylic instead of glass?

Acrylic is known to be a great alternative to glass and in many instances, an better material choice. Here are some advantages of using acrylic compared to glass:

  • Lighter than glass
  • More impact resistant, stronger and more durable than glass
  • Unaffected by sun or salt spray
  • Less expensive material
  • More choice of colours

Acrylic Coloured Sheeting FAQ’s:

What is coloured acrylic?

Coloured Acrylic is a type of acrylic (also goes by the name Perspex®, Lucite, Altuglas and Plexiglass), is a solid material that is predominately made from cast acrylic which is a is a form of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA).

Is coloured acrylic recyclable?

Our Greencast Acrylic Sheet is a fully recyclable material and is available in a number of different colours.

What thickness of coloured acrylic is available?

Typically, our coloured plastic sheet range is available in both 3mm and 5mm thick. However, our White Perspex ® Acrylic Sheet is also available in 10mm thickness. Please view the specific product page to see what thickness is available.

What is the maximum size sheet available?

Plexiglass sheets are available in a maximum size of 3000 mm x 2050 mm.

How to clean acrylic sheets?

Acrylic should always be cleaned using a soft cloth (or even better, a microfibre cloth) and warm soapy water. You should never use hard chemicals on acrylic.

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