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Recycled Acrylic

Our sheets are crafted from 100% recycled material and are fully recyclable, adhering to ISO 7823.1 standards. They exhibit remarkable longevity and mirror the appearance, performance, and fabrication capabilities of virgin acrylic. Possessing identical optical, mechanical, and thermal characteristics as virgin acrylic, these sheets can be seamlessly recycled back into raw materials without any loss in their original properties.

What Are The Benefits Of Recycled Acrylic?

By choosing Recycled Acrylic, you’re not only opting for a high-quality acrylic product but also making a significant contribution to environmental sustainability. Recycled Acrylic is proud to utilise 100% recycled materials, actively reducing landfill waste and minimising ecological impact. Offering the same exceptional characteristics as standard cast acrylic but at a competitive price, it ensures you get top-notch quality without compromising on your commitment to the planet. What’s more, Recycled Acrylic is free from volatile organic compounds and hydrofluorocarbon, promoting a healthier, cleaner environment. With every use, you’re making a conscious and sustainable choice that benefits both you and the Earth.

Green Cast Recycled Acrylic

Green Cast is the brand of Acrylic we supply at Cut Plastic Sheeting which offers 100% recycled and recyclable cast acrylic sheets. Green Cast is produced by using PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) materials that are no longer of use and they regenerate that into raw materials which can then be produced into new cast acrylic sheets. Then, once they are no longer of use again, they can be recycled, and put back into process.

Standard Acrylic Colours

3mm and 5mm thicknesses in a gloss finish. 

Clear Recycled Acrylic Sheet
Black Recycled Acrylic Sheet
White Recycled Acrylic Sheet
Grey Recycled Acrylic Sheet
Navy Blue Recycled Acrylic Sheet
Blue Recycled Acrylic Sheet
Light Blue Recycled Acrylic Sheet
Green Recycled Acrylic Sheet
Bordeaux Recycled Acrylic Sheet
Red Recycled Acrylic Sheet
Fuchsia Recycled Acrylic Sheet
Orange Recycled Acrylic Sheet
Deep Yellow Recycled Acrylic
Yellow Recycled Acrylic Sheet

Green Cast Fluorescent

3mm thicknesses in a gloss finish. 

Green Cast Metallic IRO

3mm thicknesses in a gloss finish. 

Fluorescent Yellow Acrylic Sheet
Fluorescent Red Acrylic Sheet
Gold Metallic Recycled Acrylic
Silver Metallic Recycled Acrylic

Recycled Acrylic FAQs

Acrylic sheets can be cleaned using a mild soap solution or a specific plastic cleaner, combined with a lint free cloth, avoid cleaners containing alcohol or ammonia.

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