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Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are a very popular material due to a variety of factors, the most important being its durability and exceptional strength. It can be used in many different applications both internally and externally.

At Cut Plastic Sheeting, we stock cut-to-size solid Polycarbonate panels in different finishes and thicknesses. Our Clear Polycarbonate Sheet is the strongest form of clear plastic sheeting and is available in 7 different thicknesses from 2mm up to 10mm thick. The Anti-Reflective Polycarbonate Sheet has excellent impact strength and added UV protection with an anti-glare/anti-reflective coating and is available in 2mm thickness. We also offer Mirrored Polycarbonate Sheets which are extremely strong plastic materials with remarkably high impact resistance.

Key Features:

  • Extremely durable, high impact resistance, almost unbreakable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Offers UV protection
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent fire rating (Class 1)
  • Safe to use with foods

Common Applications for Polycarbonate Sheeting:

Clear Polycarbonate Sheet is also known by the trade names of ‘Makrolon’ or ‘Macrolux’.

Polycarbonate FAQ’s:

How to glue polycarbonate?

For more information on how to glue polycarbonate, please view our blog page.

Can you use Polycarbonate externally?

Polycarbonate mirrors are not suitable for outdoor use. If you’re looking for a mirrored material suitable for outdoor use, please consider our premium aluminium composite mirror as it offers a much better quality of reflection and can withstand external weather conditions.

Is Polycarbonate recyclable?

Yes, Polycarbonate gets turned into a granulate which then gets re-manufactured.

What’s best for greenhouse glazing, acrylic sheets or polycarbonate sheets?

Both polycarbonate and acrylic sheets are an excellent choice when it comes to greenhouse glazing. They both have similar qualities in that they are up to 92% light transmission and are lighter and cheaper than glass.

How to order Polycarbonate Sheets online?

Ordering online couldn’t be easier with Cut Plastic Sheeting! Simply select your desired material, choose your thickness and then enter the height and width – or diameter if you require a disc. Then add any optional extras, add it to your basket and checkout!

If you do require any assistance or would like a direct quotation from us then please contact the team on 01752 917434 or [email protected]