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Choosing The Right Splashback For Your Home

Kitchen and bathroom splashbacks are one of the final touches to your home. They can either be used as a statement piece or, for practical reasons like hygiene and cleaning. There are a large variety of options when it comes to choosing a splashback for your home, and as they are incredibly durable, they can last in your home for years.

You need to be comfortable and confident when choosing your splashback, especially if you are having it custom cut. That is why we have thought of a few things to consider when deciding on the type of splashback you should go for:

Location And Size

A splashback is typically installed behind countertops, stoves, sinks or baths to protect walls from water and food splashes. They can also be installed in other areas to boost up the interior of a room, people sometimes choose to have splashbacks instead of paint, wallpaper or tiles. Therefore it is important to know where you want the location of the splashback to be. 

At Cut Plastic Sheeting, we can cut your splashback to any size and shape. Typically, both Acrylic and Aluminium Splashbacks have a maximum sheet size length of 3000mm, but if you have a larger space you need to fill, we can split the panels up so they create a seamless finish. 


Splashbacks can come in a range of different materials including acrylic and aluminium. Both materials have great properties to them such as durability and strength but one is better than the other when it comes down to heat resistance. If you are placing your splashback behind your cooker, the type of cooker you have narrows down the material options. If you have a gas hob, you can have an Aluminium Composite splashback or, have an Acrylic splashback if it is more than 200mm away from the heat source. But, if you have an induction hob, you can choose between a Aluminium Composite or Acrylic. 

Please note, all acrylic splashbacks allow for low levels of light transmission and a vinyl backing will be required to stop any light passing through. If you wish to add a vinyl backing on your splashback, please contact our sales team for additional pricing.


Whether you are redoing your whole kitchen/bathroom or just want to do a little touch-up, you still want to keep costs down. That is why it is important to think about your budget and what is in your price range. Aluminium Composite splashbacks are typically more expensive, but, that is because they have excellent heat-resistant properties and a upgraded premium finish. Acrylic is the cheaper option but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t high quality. The acrylic splashbacks have either a matt or gloss effect which can add a stylish and modern look to any room. 

Colour and Finish

Splashbacks are typically one of the final things you place into your kitchen or bathroom so you have to make sure it matches your current interior. Lucky for you, you can get various types of coloured splashbacks. If you have dark kitchen units you may just want to add a simplistic white gloss splashback, or you can choose a brushed copper splashback to be the feature wall in your home.

The possibilities of colours are endless but it does depend on the material. With Acrylic splashbacks, you have a lot more range available when it comes to colours. At Cut Plastic Sheeting, we have acrylic splashbacks in all the primary colours as well as a neutral and pastel collection. Where as with Aluminium Composite, we offer a small selection of brushed aluminium colours which are not only premium in colour but also have excellent texture. 

Ordering A Splashback

Ordering a splashback at Cut Plastic Sheeting couldn’t be easier. All of our materials are available cut to size and shape so they can fit any space that you have in your home. The materials are also available as a sample if you want to check the colour and quality before committing to a custom sheet. We are completely transparent with our pricing so you can select which product you like, enter your measurements and get an instant price. 

For more information on Acrylic, Perspex, MDF, Dibond and Polycarbonate please visit our Guide and Blog sections of the website.


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