FAQ: How Weather Resistant is Clear Acrylic?

Some of the most common queries about our clear acrylic sheeting are about the weather resistance of the material. Acrylic is used for many outdoor projects – including as replacement panels for shed windows and greenhouses – and it is therefore very important to know how long the material is expected to last in high moisture, high UV or environments with fluctuating temperatures.

Acrylic displays weather resistance which is unmatched by other general purpose plastics. It will withstand exposure to high levels of UV light, salt water spray, extreme cold and dramatic temperature changes without shattering, fogging or losing its lustre.

In fact, clear acrylic has been known to last up to 30 years in use outdoors without turning yellow, crumbling or losing its strength. This makes it the perfect material to construct garden greenhouses, offering the same aesthetic and clarity of glass with increased impact strength and resistance to the growth of mildew, mould and moss which obscures glass over time.

It should be noted that the weather resistance of clear acrylic sheeting will be different to that of coloured acrylic. Whilst similarly strong and resistant to dirt and mould growth, coloured acrylic may fade in prolonged periods of direct sunlight.

For more information on our range of acrylic sheeting, and in particular our range of clear acrylic for use in greenhouses and garden sheds, please visit our main website.

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