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How to Clean your Acrylic Panels

Once you have your acrylic panel in place it is important that you are able to retain the flawless look and finish, regardless of any wear and tear that it may receive.

You should try to give your coloured and clear acrylic a little more attention than you would give to glass, as scratches can be more noticeable, especially if you use the wrong cleaning products on the surface. We are here to give you the best tips on how to clean your acrylic panels!

What products do I need to clean acrylic?

One of the best ways to clean your acrylic panels is to use soapy water with a micro-fibre cloth. Using washing-up detergent will create a soapy lather that you can keep building with more water, whilst the micro-fibre cloth will deal with any dirt particles that are sitting on the panel.

Handle the acrylic by the edges in order to avoid any fingerprints as you work your way across with the cloth. If the acrylic is movable, place it on top of a lint-free surface to prevent any scratches underneath and to stop any further dirtying of the material.

What if I need a more intensive cleaning?

If you find that your acrylic is not buffing up as much as you would like, for instance, if it has not been cleaned for a long time, then a specific product such as the VuPlex Plastic Cleaner will work wonders. It is non-abrasive and will coat the surface with a wax that will help to protect it. Acting in seconds it will have a long-lasting effect, leaving it glossy and clean.

How do I prevent the acrylic from becoming static?

There is nothing more annoying than spending time polishing a surface, only for it to start collecting dust soon afterwards. This is usually caused by the static charge that has been left behind from cleaning. Using an Anti-Static Cleaner will prevent this static charge from building, leaving you with a smooth, dust-free surface for much longer.

What shouldn’t I use to clean my acrylic?

Never use a scouring pad or anything abrasive to scrub your acrylic. This will most likely leave a variety of scratches that you will be unable to buff out. Do not use any ammonia-based cleaning products, caustic-based cleaners or petroleum-based chemicals. These will also damage the surface and leave it looking discoloured and unloved.

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