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How To Measure For A Splashback

The concept of measuring the space where your new splashback will seem quite daunting but it is actually an incredibly easy task! You don’t need a professional to do it for you, save yourself some money and do it yourself by following our helpful guide. Here we talk about how to measure for a standard rectangle or a shaped splashback as well as what to do if you have socket cutouts. Make sure to read to the end, as we have some important tips and tricks to ensure the perfect fit!

Measuring For A Standard Rectangle Splashback

The easiest type of space to measure is a standard rectangle shape. All that is required from you is to measure the width and height of the area*.

Measuring For A Shaped Splashback

Areas that are not just a straightforward rectangle are a little extra work, but still easy to do yourself. You have to measure each section including the height and the width where necessary as per the diagram below*. We would always recommend taking multiple measurements when it is not a straightforward shape to minimise the risk of inaccurate measurements. 

Measuring For Socket Cut Outs

If you have sockets on your wall, we will require accurate measurements to be able to cut them out exactly as needed. You need to measure the distance between the closest edge (wall or cabinet) to the centre outside edge of the socket and then repeat the process from the worksurface to the socket. Finally, add 5mm to the measurements taken. This will allow your splashback to sit behind your sockets for a professional finish.

What To Remeber!

*When using sheet material, it can sometimes change shape and expand over time due to factors such as heat. As there is a risk that the material can expand, we recommend reducing each size measurement you have by 2mm(with the exception of socket cut-outs). 

The most common way to install a splashback is by using adhesive so you do not need to take into consideration any fixings. However, if you did want drill holes, just let us know where they are and how big you want the diameter. 

A really helpful addition to the measurements would be a drawing! It doesn’t need to be professionally done, just an outline of your panel and socket cutouts with your dimensions on would be helpful to reduce any risk.

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