How to mount Cut Plastic, Acrylic and Foamex

Cut plastic is one of the easy materials to work with, be it Acrylic, Foamex or Perspex; it can be cut, drilled, sawn or formed with heat to give you the best possible finish.

As all of the above-mentioned materials are extremely lightweight (when compared to glass or wooden alternatives) they are relatively easy to mount.

Wall Mounted Foamex

Foamex, for example, works really well with double-sided Velcro.  Simply attach to both the Foamex and the wall or surface where you would like to mount the material, and it will hold perfectly.

Acrylic can be drilled with a simple home drill, so it can be attached to most surfaces with nails or screws. This might be a solution of some applications though you might not achieve the professional finish you are looking for with this method.

Acrylic Wall Supports

If you would like to display your Acrylic on the wall or on a flat surface, then we would recommend Wall Mounted Panel Supports.

Suitable for acrylic panels up to 7mm thick, these silver coloured supports lock into any angle and can hold your cut plastic up to 30mm away from the wall.

As the wall panel supports clamp down on the Acrylic sheet there is no need to drill holes, you simply fix the supports to the wall and fix the acrylic panel in place with an Allan key.

Great Acrylic Splashbacks for your Kitchen

Fixing Acrylic or PVC Splashbacks onto the wall is easy, with the use of adhesives. Before applying, you should ensure your surface is solid, clean, dry and free from irregularities.  You then apply the adhesive as instructed and attach the Splashback firmly to your wall.

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