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Laser Cutting In To Acrylic Perspex

Laser cutting in to a variety of materials is becoming increasingly popular, most often used within industrial manufacturing companies the laser cutter is starting to make its way over to small design businesses, artists and schools as well as being a sought after piece of equipment within universities for art and design students. Using a laser to cut or engrave in to any material offers an extremely versatile, accurate and precise method if you want to create shapes, designs or images on to a variety of different surfaces.

What Exactly is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is a precise way of cutting a design from a given material that uses a CAD file to guide it. The machine emits a laser that cuts through your material by burning or vaporising your material. It allows you to achieve the finest level of detail over a wide variety of materials.


  • Architecture & model making
  • Art, sculpture & product design
  • Branding & marketing
  • Display & signage
  • Engraving patterns
  • Etching in to plastic and metal
  • Making products out of acrylic

Product Design

Rebecca ClarkThese floral inspired coasters have been created using frosted acrylic perspex that have been laser cut to size and then the design has been laser cut and engraved creating six identical designs. Acrylic, also known as Perspex is the most popular material to use within laser cutting and is widely respected by manufactures as you can do so much with it. Available in a wide range of colours, the opportunities are endless with what you can do with it

Light box

1074962_538338489564872_1135686911_o1Translucent perspex is the perfect material to create your own light box. The opacity of the perspex allows just the right amount of light through in order to produce the intended light box effect. To create this, a floral design has been laser cut in to fabric paper and simply placed behind opal translucent acrylic perspex with led lights behind to create the soft pattern. A great DIY project for all you creatives out there.If you are looking to try something new and want to create beautifully unique designs and illustrations, then you must give laser cutting in to acrylic perspex a go and share the results with us. We offer all different types of acrylic surfaces through Cut Plastic Sheeting so please have a look.

For more information on Acrylic, Perspex, MDF, Dibond and Polycarbonate please visit our Guide and Blog sections of the website.


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