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Making an Infinity Mirror with Two Way Acrylic

Ever feel that you need to create the impression of extra space at home? Want to add a quirky feature to your furnishings? Then building your own LED infinity mirror is just the project for you. Whether displayed as an infinity mirror table or as an artistic twist to a bathroom mirror, infinity mirrors give the impression of endless space going beyond the mirror’s surface.

Infinity mirrors are easily constructed by using a sheet of two way acrylic mirror, placed in parallel with a fully reflective mirror. Installing a series of LEDs between these two mirrors creates the illusion of depth and would give your room a unique talking point. The two way acrylic permits an equal amount of light to both reflect and pass through the mirror, allowing the light from the LEDs to reflect off both the fully reflective and two way mirror, creating the ‘infinite’ effect.

In order to make your LED infinity mirror, you will need –

A wooden picture frame (dimensions to match your desired design)
o Tip: Use a frame with at least ½ inch depth to house the LEDs.
A sheet of two-way way acrylic mirror (cut to fit your chosen frame)
A ‘normal’ fully reflective mirror (dimensions to match your frame)
A set of LED lights (or fairy lights) in your chosen colour(s).
o Have enough wire from the LEDs to reach a power point where you intend to install the mirror.

How to build your mirror –

1. Select your frame and remove any backing or glass. You can paint your frame to any desired colour at this stage.
2. Drill a hole in the bottom of the frame to allow for the LED wires. Drill suitable dimensions for the lights you are using.
3. Attach the LEDs to the inside of the frame using the manufacturer’s recommendations (if using fairy lights you may fix them using a staple gun; caution: take care not to staple into the wires). Ensure that you feed the plug end of LEDs out of the hole in the bottom of your frame.
4. Mount your fully reflective side to the back of the frame. Ensure that if you are drilling you do so on the backed side, not on the mirror side. The mirror side should be facing out through the frame.
5. Now you can attach your two way mirror onto the front of the frame. Ensure that the reflective side faces into the frame, towards the fully reflective mirror.
6. Clean up any edges. Plug in/switch on and enjoy!

Uses of An Infinity Mirror?
Making infinity mirrors with two way acrylic is a quick and interesting DIY project. Adding extra dimension, space and colour to a room, infinity mirrors can help liven up any room in the house. Not only used in wall mounted mirrors, which create the illusion of depth, you can also produce an infinity mirror coffee table – providing distinct features and great talking points at house parties or you could have an infinity bathroom mirror to create something a little more unique. Indeed, taking the effect further, whole mirrored walls can evoke the sense of endless starry space – a design taken up by major theme parks.

So why not build your own infinity mirror using two way acrylic? Your mirror can be designed to suit you and your home’s needs. They can easily customisable to suit any space, wall or table top, easily built to any shape required, and easily tweaked to match your home’s colour schemes by selecting the appropriate lights and paint. So why not give it a try?

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